Weighing the Benefits of Voice over IP


I'm sure you've heard those words before. Voice over IP or VoIP is mentioned like a buzzword of business and technology, something complex yet better than the plain old telephone lines we've been using since forever. But what are the benefits over analog? Why is it better or why can it be better?

Simply put, VoIP does for phone calls what email did to mail. Here is a list of benefits to your business and how Charleston Telecom Solutions can implement them to help your business.

  • No roll over lines - You don't need roll over lines anymore. It doesn't matter if you have one phone and one number, you can take as many calls as your phone can handle. There is no need to pay extra for rollover lines you barely use.
  • Smaller equipment investment - You don't need to buy an expensive phone system. With VoIP, all you need are the VoIP handsets. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars upfront on an on-premise PBX system. 
  • Mobility- Mobility is one of the biggest advantages. Not only does this mean you can easily forward or transfer phone calls to your cellphone, but you can also run a mobile app that functions like your desk phone. You can make or receive calls as if you were sitting at your desk and your customers will see you calling as if you were in the office. On top of that, the desk phones are also able to be moved offsite to other locations and will function as if they are in the same physical office.
  • Redundancy VoIP Servers - Even your analog lines can get physically cut between the phone company central office and your office. What happens if they do or if you lose power for any extended period of time? Right now that can mean missed calls and lost business, days without service, and frustrating calls to the phone company's customer service department that's already overloaded from the outage. With our hosted VoIP system, our geo-redundant servers are always running, which means your phone calls can be routed to cell phones, group voicemail boxes, off-site extensions, emergency messages, or an answering service for example. All of this can be done on the fly, or contingency plans can be setup ahead of time in case of an unexpected outage.
  • Redundant Internet - Although this may not seem like a VoIP benefit, nomadic VoIP (not linked to a provider's Internet service) can operate with any Internet service, regardless of the provider. Internet Service Providers aren't perfect, even the best ones have occasional outages beyond their control. When that happens, even your analog phone lines can go down. With VoIP, your phones will keep working on a backup Internet such as an LTE modem even when the primary Internet service goes down. 

These and other benefits make VoIP the clear path forward for the business of today and tomorrow.